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Stornoway Smoked Butter Cocktail Oatcakes Made with oats and butter gently smoked over oak and beech chips in the last traditional smokehouse in Stornoway

Smoked butter Cocktail OatCakes

 £2.95 125grm

Pommery Meaux Mustard, For those used to French Mustards, this is a medium strength whole grain mustard and one is a familiar to all French mustard lovers.. All 250g Jars Price  £7.50

Pommery Mustards is a medium strength grain mustard with a hint of Cognac, giving a good rich flavour  

Pommery Firemans Mustard - For those used to French Mustards, this is the hottest of the Pommery mustards.

Laterra Artisan Harvest: Authentic Mexican Sauces

Various flavours

Price £ 5.25 for 8.4fl oz

Laterra Artisan Harvest: Authentic Mexican Sauces

Gluten Free with no artificial flavourings or preservatives.  Use them for cooking, grilling, finishing, dipping or as a spread.

Mara Seaweed:  

sustainably harvested from the wilds around the Scottish coastline, seaweed is the super food of the sea, the most highly mineralised vegetable on earth.  Shake, sprinkle, stir or spoon - use to season everything from eggs to steak to cakes

Dulce: A red seaweed with a rich deep smokey taste, delicious on salmon

Kombu:  A smooth tasting umami rich brown seaweed, spoon into soups

Shoney:  A unique blend of enriching seaweeds, sprinkle on eggs, salads, pasta

Price £5.96 (Pouch)    £6.50(Shaker)

Mondovino Artisan Biscuits, Baked by Hand:

The most perfect savoury cracker for cheese and wine.

Price £2.99  125grm

Kick Ass Waxed Truckles

are a stunning range of moreish cheeses with a punch of flavour inside a creamy strong Cheddar 200g £4.00

Kick Ass Hot Plum Chutney

Is a perfect companion to the Kick Ass Cheese range and, like the cheeses, packs a punch of delicious flavour. 115g £2.50