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Smoked Duck Pate

£5.50 for 190grm

Wild Boar with Calvados Pate, 190g £5.50 Wild boar pate complimented by the addition of calvados, an apple brandy produced in the Normandy region of France. A meaty, rich, pate with game flavours.

Wild Boar With Calvados Pate

£5.50 for 190grm

Traditional Pork Pate 190g    A pork pate made in the traditional French way

Pork Pate

£4.00 for 190grm

Smoked Duck Pate 190g £5.50   Duck Pate with the inclusion of smoked duck breast meat. A pate which cries out to be sliced and complimented with a good red wine.

Stornoway Salt & Pepper Water Biscuits, perfectly seasoned, these water biscuits have a distinctive character, with the perfect balance of saltiness that brings out the best in blue cheeses.

Stornoway Salt & Pepper water Biscuits

£2.95 150grm

Stornoway Seaweed Water Biscuits,  

Winner of three gold stars by the Guild of Fine Food, this wee biscuit is a perfect accompaniment with cheese, malt whiskey, gin or simply naked

Stornoway Seeweed Water Biscuits

£2.95 125grm

Stornoway Lemon & Poppy Seed Butter Shortbread 125g £3.15...  A modern take on a classic, refreshing zesty and light, cocktail size

Lemon & Poppy seed Butter Shortbread

£3.15 125grm

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