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The Little Herb Garden Fruit Vinegars

The Little Herb Farm has grown out of a passion for herbs, a love of cooking and a rambling garden in the beautiful and bountiful East Neuk of Fife. Our award winning sweet fruit and herb vinegars are made simply and slowly.

Our delicious sweet fruit and herb vinegars are so versatile the only limit to their uses is your imagination.

Sweet Fruit & Herb Vinegars (Various flavours

£4.00 for 100ml

£9.00 for 250ml

Price £10

Lemon Oil 250ml

This Gusto Lemon Oil adds a refreshing zest to your dishes – sprinkle over any fish to enhance its flavour. Use to dress the plate with an artistic drizzle just like the professionals.

Uses: add a little zest to a dish with this oil with its citrus undertones infused with lemon peel, lemon thyme and peppercorns.  Great for coating Mediterranean vegetables before roasting.

Lemon Oil Vinegar

£4.00 for 250ml

Price £5.75

Firebreath Oil 250ml

The Gusto Firebreath Oil contains a ‘Naga Bhut Jolokia’, commonly known as the Ghost chilli, which can reach over a million on the Scoville chart! The heat will increase as the oil matures. It is a slow burner, will intensify on the palate and has great length.

Uses: Sprinkle on pizza or cheese on toast to add some fire, or use to stir-fry.

Firebreath Oil Vinegar


Price £5.75

Hot Hoho 250ml

Birds Eye chilies gives this Gusto Artisan vinegar a strong kick of heat.

Uses: use as a dish finisher to add flavour to couscous, rice and other grains by adding a generous splash at the end of cooking. Will enliven any sauce based dish, from soups to chilli con carne; it will enhance and bring out the flavour of the entire dish.

Hot Hoho Oil Vinegar

£4.00 for 250ml

Price £5.75

Sweet Balsamic Vinegar (Various flavours)

250ml bottles

Price £5.50

Sweet Balsamic Dressing  250ml

Little Doone's is an artisan company specialising in  Sweet Balsamic Dressings of exceptional depth and character -

 All Little Doone dressings are based on the original sweet balsamic dressing, which sits between a balsamic vinegar and a reduction, with a beautifully sweet taste and thicker consistency. 

Made with raw cane sugar, a hint of vanilla and chocolate extracts and spices and of course the all important balsamic vinegar, it's a careful process of blending, of heating and cooling, until the weight and flavour is just right.

Oils & Vinegar’s